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Mrecycling Machinery Co,Limited Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machines, Presented by  Mrecycling Machinery Co.,Limited. "M" Indicates:Mechanical recycling,Maximum recycling,My recycling, Machines for DIY. The  Ultimate  Solution for Scrap Cable Wire.   1.Mechanical Recycling,Preventing Air Pollution.   Scrap copper cable wire stripping machine is used as the peeler, on the rubber covered or PVC covered copper cable wire,   to take over of the  insulation,let copper core separated from rubber or PVC insulation.   Different sizes cable wire are available.   Mechanical recycling machine eliminates the need for wire to  be burned,   making the recycling of electrical wire safe for you and our...

Catalogue and Products

Wire Stripper Machines

copper cable stripper

Power Cable Peeler M-1 Double Safety Guard

Wire Stripping Machine

Scrap Electrical Copper Cable Wire Stripping Machine

copper cable stripping machine

Wire Stripper Machine Reverse Type

Cable Slitter

Cable Slitter Emergency Stop Type

Cable Stripping Tool

Wire Spliter

Kabel Strip Machine

Cable Wire Bark Peeler

Wire Stripping Tool

Used Electric Copper Cable Wire Peeling Machine

Automatic Wire Stripper

Copper Wire Stripping Machine M-1 Simplify Type

Copper Wire Stripper

Electric Copper Wire Stripper MD-2

copper stripping tool

Scrap Wire Stripping Machine MC-2 Type

copper stripping machine

Inside 27mm.Outside 68mm Blades, Steel Rollers, Handles and Springs, Push and Pull Handles, Bearing and Bearing Box, V-Belts, 2.2KW Electric Motor, Wheels,

Cable Stripping Machines (M-2 Series)

Copper Cable Stripping Tools M-2 Bench Type

Scrap Copper Cable Wire Separator M-2 Bench Type

Romex Stripping Tool M-2 Double Blades Type

Insulated Wire Skinning Machine M-2 Double Blades Type

Electric Wire Stripping Machine M-2 Stand Type

Automatic Stripping Tools M-2 With Stand Type

Cable Slitters (M-3 Series)

High Voltage Cable Stripping Tools M-3 Max 70mm Type

Armored Cable Wire Dismantling Tools M-3 Type

Industrial Wire Stripping Machine M-3 Max 160mm Type

Coax Stripping Tool M-3 Simplified Max 70mm Type

Aluminum Stripper M-3 Max 160mm Type, Scrap Wire Peeler M-3 Max 70MM Simplified Type,

Electric Cable Stripping Machine M-3 Simplified Max 160mm Type

Heavy Duty Cable Stripper M-3 Simplified Max 160mm

Spare and Wear Parts for M-3 Machines

Slitting Knives and Dise Knife, Chain Wheel for M-3 Stripping Machines, Single Chain for M-3 Cable Peelers, Double Chain for M-3 Cable Stripping Machines, Bearing for M-3 Peeling Machines,

Insulated Hand Tools(M-4)

Trim Cable Wire Separator M-4 Type

0.5mm-6mm Small Wire Strippers (M-5)

Φ0.5mm—Φ6mm Cable Separator M-5 Type

Accessary Tools for Wire Strippers

Oilstone for Sharpen Blades, Puller,

Wire Granulator Separators (M400)

M400 Mixed Copper Cable Wire Recycling Plants

Cable Granulators M400 Type

Spare and Wear Parts for M400 Machines

Filter Elements, Vibration Motor, Blades &Knife,

Copper Granulators (M600)

Cable Recycling System M600 Type

Wire Recycling Equipments (M250)

Copper Wire Granulator Separator M250 Type, Mini Type Wire Recycling Equipments M250,

M600 Wire Crushers

Wire Crushers M600

M700 Cable Wire Choppers

Scrap Copper Cable Wire Crusher M700

M500 Double Shafts Primary Crushers

Double Shafts Primary Crushers M500

Plastic Crushers M600

Plastic Crushers M600

Cable Wire Cutters

M100 Cable Wire Cutters, M130 Cable Wire Cutters,

High Frequency Furnace

High Frequency Furnace

Motor Recycling Machines

Motor Recycling Machines

PCB Recycling Equipments

Printed Circuit Board Recycling Machines

Radiator Recycling Machines

Radiator Recycling Machines

Heat Sealing Machine

Plastic Welding Machine Double Head Type, High Frequency Welding Machine, Radio Frequency Welding Machine,

Water and Shacking Table Separation System

Water and Shacking Table Separation System

Waste Tire Recycling Equipments

Waste Tire Recycling Equipments

Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator, Conveyer Belt,

Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel Separator

Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel Separator

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