Manufacturer & Supplier of Scrap Copper Cable Wire Stripping Machines,Used Copper Cable Wire Peeling Machines,Waste Copp...
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1:Separating Copper 2:Cable Wire Separation generate value 3:strip romex Wire Stripping Machine 4:automatic scrap wire stripper
Makes a great gift for the electrician, electrical contractors, maintenance mechanic, demolisher, demolition companies, hobbyists and crafters. small recyclers, small scraper.
  • Scrap Cable Wire Stripping Machines, Presented by  Mrecycling Machinery Co.,Limited. "M" Indicates:Mechanical recycling,Maximum recycling,My recycling, Machines for DIY. The  Ultimate  Solution for Scrap Cable Wire.   1.Mechanical Recycling,Preventing Air Pollution.   Scrap copper cable wire stripping machine is used as the peeler, on the rubber covered or PVC covered copper cable wire,   to take ov...
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