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Makes a great gift for the electrician, electrical contractors, maintenance mechanic, demolisher, demolition companies, hobbyists and crafters. small recyclers, small scraper.
  • Separating Copper     [2014-04-07]

    Separating Copper from scrap cable wires

  • Cable Wire Separation generate value     [2014-04-02]

    Cable Wire Separation generate value,Separation-produce-value. Garbage into resources

  • strip romex Wire Stripping Machine     [2014-03-23]

    strip romex Wire Stripping Machine. Electrical System: 110V, 50/60Hz 2.2Kw 3hp motor Cutting Speed: 125ft per minute Wire Range: Min: .078" (13 AWG/2mm) Max: 1-3/4" OD (45mm) Wire Guide Slots: 8

  • automatic scrap wire stripper     [2014-03-21]

     What happens to the scrap cable wire after you drop them off? They are sorted by material and sliced into smaller pieces. The processed scrap is packaged and shipped to a company that re-melts the materials and makes new products out of it. An automatic scrap wire stripper can help you strip the insulation from the cable wire very quickly and easily.  

  • process 1000kgs-2000kgs copper wires per day     [2014-03-20]

    The M-1 machine suitable for copper and aluminium wire diameter from 1mm to 45mm. it is fast,Capacity 1000kgs copper or aluminium stripping and separating,for 8 hours. So if you have 2-3 workers,need process 1000kgs-2000kgs copper wires per day, this machine  will be suitable for you.  

  • Scrap Wire Strippers 2014     [2014-03-19]

    Places that buy scrap metal will not buy wire if the insulation is still attached. This is because they want to melt it down right away so it can be quickly sold. The insulation gets in the way of this process and cannot be melted down along with the wire. An automatic scrap wire stripper can help you strip the insulation from the wire very quickly and easily.

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