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Makes a great gift for the electrician, electrical contractors, maintenance mechanic, demolisher, demolition companies, hobbyists and crafters. small recyclers, small scraper.

M-3 Type Simplified 2-70mm

Products description:
Model NO.:M-3 Aluminum Stripper Max 160MM Type
Aluminum  Cable Wire Stripper  M-3 Heavy Duty Type  Processing Cable Wire  Diameter:2-160MM Power:5.5KW, 380V-50HZ    Cutting speed 50 meter per minute.    Output 200 KGS Copper per hour Steel rolls 2sets Blades 4 pieces Gearbox 1set Measurement L800*W580*H1200(MM) Weight 240kgs Mrecycl...

Products description:
Model NO.:M-3 Max 70MM Simplified Type
Armored  Electric Aluminium Cable Wire Dismantling  Tools M-3  Max 70MM Simplified Type Power:4KW,380V-50HZ Processing diameter at  1mm-70mm cable wire,    Cutting speed 50 meter per minute.   Designed for Heavily armored cable,massive cable, energy cable ACSR(aluminum with steel core),submarine cabl...

Armored  Electric Aluminium Cable Wire Dismantling  Tools  M-3  for wire diameter 2-70mm.

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