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Makes a great gift for the electrician, electrical contractors, maintenance mechanic, demolisher, demolition companies, hobbyists and crafters. small recyclers, small scraper.

heat sealing machine

Products description:
Model NO.:GP2.8-K1
  2.8KW high frequency plastic  welding machine Model:GP2.8-K1 Power Supply:220V-50Hz Lower Polar Plate:380mm*700mm. heat sealing for trademark, stationery box, raincoat, inflatable toy,various wrapping bags, portable soft bag etc. Anti-jamming, defending strike sparks high-frequency plastic welder Mainly used in: Sucking and ...

Products description:
Model NO.:GP5-K4 High Frequency Welding Machine
High Frequency Welding Machine  Model:GP5-K4 Power:5KW,380V/50HZ Heat Sealing Area:20000 square millimeter. Oscillation frequency:27.12MHz. Time Control:0.5-10s. Features: 1.Anti-jamming:hunting frequency 27.12MHz,40.68MHz,according with international standard and little jamming to outside equipments.   2.Fireproof:high-sensitiv...

Products description:
Model NO.:GP8-K6 Radio Frequency Welding Machine
Radio Frequency Welding Machines  Model:GP8-K6 Power:8KW,380V/50HZ. Heat Sealing Area:30000 square millimeter. Oscillation frequency:27.12MHz. Time Control:0.5-10s. http://www.mrecycling.cn/heat-sealing-machine/103.html sales@mrecycling.cn Tel: +86-15867093379

High-frequency plastic welding machine

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