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Makes a great gift for the electrician, electrical contractors, maintenance mechanic, demolisher, demolition companies, hobbyists and crafters. small recyclers, small scraper.

Trim Cable Wire Separator M-4 Type

  • Product Name:  Trim Cable Wire Separator M-4 Type
  • Price:  $260.00
  • Model NO.:  M-4 Manual Type Wire Separator
  • Size:  465mm*175mm*340mm
  • Origin:  Taizhou,Zhejiang,China
  • Packing:  Woden Case
  • Brand Name:  Mrecycling
  • Delivery Time:  20days
  • Minimum Order:  50 pcs
  • Supply Ability:  2000 sets per month
  • Quality System Certification:  CE Approved
  • Product Details:  Trim Cable Wire Separator M-4 Type

Covered  Electrical  Copper  Cable Wire  Bark Peeler 

M-4   Manual Type

Processing diameter at 1-40mm cable wire 

Cutting speed 10 meter per minute.

 A  manually operated wire stripper.
It uses human power and skill to manually adjust the machine and pull wire through the cutter/roller channel.
Steel rolls 2sets
Feeding slots 11 pieces
Blades 10 pieces
Measurement 465*175*340MM
Weight 25kgs
You may find it more beneficial to have one that is more lightweight and portable so that you can take it with you. 
This will allow you to use your wire stripper on the job site, at home, or anywhere else you need to use it.
 A portable tool will also keep you from having to haul the wire back and forth from your shop.
Tel: +86-15867093379
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